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Around the clock! Automation technology of the future

Only those who pay attention to trends today can offer their customers future-proof solutions. Sustainability in automation technology starts as early as the planning of your system. By choosing the right technology, you can select the most energy-efficient path over the entire lifespan.

Baumannperfecta is the first and only manufacturer in the graphic industry to have fully automated both the jogging and the cutting process, thereby ensuring an unmanned three-shift operation around the clock. All investments should be planned and reviewed in such a way that they optimally integrate into your business processes and improve your profitability.

  • Profitability
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Transparency
  • Resource savings
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Our jogging and
cutting systems

BASA Evolution

The perfect automation solution for your post-processing needs - be it for label production, packaging printing, or commercial printing. Our BASA evolution can be extended with additional options to become a fully automated line. Depending on the equipment, the machine transfers the jogged, aligned, and compressed sheets directly to the rear table of the guillotine, to a buffer station, or even optionally to two cutting machines. The latest drive technology and the use of energy-saving technologies ensure a small footprint and high economic efficiency.

Automatic Cutting Systems

Our machines are designed and manufactured in Germany. One of the main aspects of our developments is the modular concept. As a result, each machine can work as a standalone unit and can also be integrated into a complete cutting system. Through the open interfaces, our systems can be connected to a variety of pre-press data workflow and MIS systems via the open interfaces. This gives you full control and flexibility in your finishing processes. Ultimately, all investments should be planned and checked so that they fit in perfectly with your business processes and improve your profitability.

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In 2018, baumannperfecta introduced the first automation solution based on modern industrial robots for post-processing in the graphic industry. The specially developed gripping system "Multi-Paper-Tool" relieves the operator of work. Whether gripping, turning, aligning, tapping, or transporting to other processes or machines - the robotic solutions can be configured so individually that they can practically transfer the operator's touch to the robot.