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Short setup times, user-friendliness, and utmost precision stand for quality, flexibility, and a cost-optimized, contemporary production. With a BOGRAMA punching machine, you produce labels, playing cards, folding boxes, folders, greeting cards, mailings,

and much more, in single or multiple uses. As specialists with extensive experience, we advise and serve competently, professionally, and innovatively. We seek personal interaction and collaborative cooperation because your success is also our success.

    • Authentic and reliable
    • Family business since 1986
    • Swiss Engineering
    • Passionate about technology
    • Driver of innovation
    • We turn requirements into solutions.
Awesome Image
Awesome Image
Automatic Playing Card Production
BOGRAMA specifically implements requirements and even takes them a step further. An example of this is the automatic playing card production system for inline punching, collating, and stacking of playing cards.
Technology that inspires
The BOGRAMA BSR 550 represents a “watershed moment in the company.” To mention just one of many positive feedbacks from our customers. If that’s not motivation…
Driver of innovation
BOGRAMA is owner-managed and operates flexibly. Our solutions are created with a mix of creative idea generation, decisiveness, pragma-tism, expertise, and team spirit.
Swiss Engineering
Swiss Engineering isn’t necessarily expensive if the product delivers on its promises. Namely, what the custo-mer needs for their production, and that reliably, stably, and of high quality.