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Founded in 1967 in Oppenweiler, MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH is today part of the MBO Group, which is situated under the umbrella of the KOMORI Group. MBO offers a wide range of high-end folding machines, feeders, deliveries, and other peripherals, as well as solutions for process automation

and digitization in printing companies and bookbinding operations. Since 2018, MBO has also been active in the field of robotics. Collaborative robots ease heavy physical tasks and offer significant savings in personnel requirements, especially in areas where skilled workers are hard to find.

    • High-end folding machines
      for all application areas
    • Feeders and deliveries
    • Datamanager 4.0 / Autopilot
    • Collaborative robots – CoBo-
      Stack for palletizing tasks
    • Sheet-fed printing solutions
    • Web-fed printing solutions
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Folding machines

There are many good reasons to choose a folding machine from MBO. For example, the high speed of our machines with up to 275 m/min or special features such as the automation options.


The CoBo-Stack from MBO is a collaborative robot that operates without the need for a protective cage. Product stacks, such as folded signatures, are fully automatically placed onto pallets from the delivery.

Patented work

Another reason to choose a folding machine from MBO is the patented knife shaft cassette, which simplifies every knife exchange many times over.

K8RS, the fastest
folding machine in the world

The K8RS is the flagship among MBO’s combination folding machines. Here, the absolute maximum in productivity is achieved. But the impressive production quality also leaves nothing to be desired.