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Achieve more with the Vento adhesive binder: Discover the top features now.

The adhesive binder Vento is a versatile option among adhesive binders in the mid-range performance segment. It can flexibly adapt to the extensive requirements of specialized finishing processors. From the production of Swiss brochures and Otabind products to the inline production of gatefold brochures, all conceivable configurations are available. Furthermore, the Vento incorporates new solutions such as an energy-efficient PUR nozzle glue system and decoupled drives for individual components in dynamic drive technology. In an inline configuration with a collating machine, 90° or 180° setups provide the user with maximum equipment convenience while requiring minimal space.

  • Optional processing of hot melt, dispersion, and PUR (roller / nozzle)
  • Gatefold brochures in one operation
  • Swiss brochures and Otabind products
  • Prefeeder station
  • Book block feeder
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Fast, secure, smart: Redefining machine operation.

The Navigator with Smart NaviDesk is a user-friendly interface for easy and secure machine operation. With the Wohlenberg Navigator, you can achieve short setup times by entering only a few key product dimensions. New job data can be entered before and during production (setup in parallel with the main operation). An integrated plausibility check supports you in this process. Alternatively, product dimensions can be determined and transferred to the control system using the integrated Smart NaviDesk. All essential adjustment parameters can be corrected and changed while the machine is running. Interfaces to MIS workflows and remote diagnostics complete the package of features.

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  • Short setup times
  • Setup in parallel with the main operation
  • Integrated plausibility check
  • Smart NaviDesk for easy product input
  • Decoupled drives
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