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The CoBo-Stack
& the K80

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Versatility Meets Convenience: The Stacking Robot CoBo-Stack

The MBO CoBo-Stack is a cobot, which is a collaborative robot that operates without the need for a protective cage. Product stacks, such as folded signatures, are transferred from the delivery unit to the table of the CoBo-Stack. From there, the cobot picks up the stacks and places them onto pallets. As a result, the operator is relieved of all physical labor. The pallets can be placed on both sides of the CoBo-Stack, allowing for uninterrupted operation.

The new CoBo-Stack flex is not only applicable in the graphic industry but can now also stack boxes and is of interest for any palletizing and logistics tasks, as well as for letter shops. The various carton heights can be palletized with layer rotations (interlocked stacking). The CoBo-Stack flex detects the height of the package upon pickup and automatically calculates the best placement position.

  • Two pallet spaces for continuous loading
  • Optical and acoustic operation indicators
  • Retrofit options for various delivery systems and devices
  • Stack acceptance from the left
  • Includes RAS Router for remote maintenance
  • Separate stacking of two signatures
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Simple Operation, Maximum Precision! The K80

The K80 is a comfortably operable machine. It is suitable for high-precision and high-performance production of folded products like signatures and flyers in medium to high volumes. It can also produce complex folding patterns with absolute precision. The combination folding machine reaches its technical perfection through the integration of numerous MBO-specific features.

  • M1 Basic machine control including touchscreen
  • Pallet feeder
  • Separation head Vacujet in the pallet feeder
  • Vivas (Vacubelt and Vacutable)
  • Folding pockets with reversible sheet deflector
  • PU spiral folding rollers in the parallel fold section
  • Knife shaft cassette in the parallel fold section
  • Knife shafts in the three-fold section
  • RAS remote maintenance software

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